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Santiago: Let’s help Rohingya on our turf

The Klang MP, who leads a human rights group, says the new government should ratify the UN convention on refugees.

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Klang MP urges rethink on immigration crackdown

Charles Santiago says any action taken must do justice to migrant workers as many of them are undocumented due to the fault of their employers.

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H&M to probe violence, sex abuse in Asian fashion factories

Based on interviews with some 550 workers in 53 H&M and Gap supplier factories in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, rights groups said women were at “daily risk” of violence, and faced retaliation if they reported the attacks.

Any time you have retaliation against workers, and coercion and control ... you are coming close to the line of forced labor.

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Migrant Workers Accuse HTC of Document Forgery, Labor Violations

For years we have known Samsung exploits workers, now HTC, will it ever end ?? It is time to really organize workers!
This must be seriously addressed by Unions in particularly ITUC and ILO too!!

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