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Bigger concerns for palm oil

Most of the harvesters are from Indonesia. With the improving wage conditions in their own country, it is becoming more difficult to attract them here. However deforestation is also a big problem. This has been proven over and over again without the pictures of orang utans.

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IOI seeks more flexibility in hiring foreign plantation workers

Flexible it can be, but a comprehensive policy , there must be!!

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UN expert urges Malaysia to do more on stateless children, underage marriage

She has mentioned all that we spoke about!! Glad we meet her!!

There was a need for the authorities to address issues faced by stateless children, saying failure to do so 
would create more problems in future including child marriage and other forms of exploitation.

Stop “poisonous rhetoric” attacking immigrants as a 
security threat, adding that the issue of undocumented children was “particularly striking” in Sabah.

Civil society could have offered alternative solutions for the children pending deportation.

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Indonesian advocacy group condemns migrant workers being sold online in Singapore

Selling the services of Indonesian migrant workers like they are commodities is actually nothing new, even if there have been protests against them. In Malaysia, there were massive ads on the streets of Kuala Lumpur which promoted ‘Indonesian maids for sale’. In Singapore there were also migrant workers being offered by displaying them in shops. These are clearly not fair and degrading to the dignity of Indonesian migrant worker.

One of the most demeaning and outrageous ads involving Indonesian migrant workers in recent years was published by a robotics firm in Malaysia. The ad, promoting a robot vacuum cleaner, contained the copy “Fire your Indonesian maid” and replace them with the company’s product.


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